Donald Trump Has Purposefully Divided the Nation. He’s Purposefully Divided Christians.

Previous presidents have appealed to religious voters, but Donald Trump has crassly forced himself upon the church, implicating the future of Christianity with his political fortunes. Trump has not just divided Americans; he’s divided Christians and intentionally stoked conflict for his own political benefit.

Trump’s Record

[Jemar] Tisby had been an influential voice for racial reconciliation, a process that he thought could and should begin with the church...But in recent years he had become discouraged, a process that accelerated after Trump’s election, and paralleled a growing sense of futility among other black evangelicals who had been working toward the same goal. They were asking themselves a simple question: If blacks and whites who are brothers and sisters in Christ cannot reach across the racial divide, what hope is there for the nation as a whole?”

“In the age of Trump, tired are the peacemakers”, Yahoo News, September 16, 2017

“President Donald Trump may be as divisive to religionists as he seems to be to other groups in American society, as indicated by the latest Pew Research Center survey.

“We're seeing a big divide between white Christian and minority Christians and non-Christian groups,” said  Pew research associate Claire Gecewich”

Pew survey shows divide among religious believers over views about Trump”, Angelus News, March 12, 2020)

“Trump has caused—or rather exposed—fault lines right across Republican politics. But no other fracture is as potentially transformative, in partisan and national terms, as the stresses Trump is placing on the vote-rich leg of the Republicans’ famous three-legged stool: the 40-year-old embrace between the party and socially conservative evangelical Christians.

"How Donald Trump is dividing evangelical Christians, Macleans, July 17, 2016)