Donald Trump sets an abhorrent example for our kids. He’s elevated debauchery in our public life

Our leaders should be role models for our children, and conduct themselves morally in public and in private. Donald Trump has done none of these things. He has publicly flaunted marriage, demeaned people, countries, and cities, and spoken and tweeted with a vulgarity not befitting the Office he holds. We should not have to make excuses to our children for the behavior of a person they should look up to.

Trump's Record

“Recently, much to our dismay and profound sadness, you publicly slurred our beloved City of Baltimore in a tweet. We will not dignify the slur by repeating it. It was horrible, demeaning and beneath the dignity of a political leader who should be encouraging us all to strive and work for a more civil, just and compassionate society.”

“A Letter to President Donald J. Trump From the Leaders of Maryland’s Christian Communities”, Ecumenical Leaders’ Group of Maryland, July 29, 2019