Undermined trust in elections, supported voter disenfranchisement

In his desperation to cling to power, President Trump has spent a significant amount of time promoting myths about the impacts of voter fraud on this election and bogus claims that mail-in voting is illicit, despite voting by mail himself. His statements are undermining the democratic process and causing further divisions between Americans.

Trump's Record

“The document, “Faithful Democracy 2020: Restoring the Voters Covenant,” was released Nov. 5.

“Every human being is a person of dignity and worth. In a secular democracy, fair and just democratic systems are central to the assertion of that dignity and worth,” it said.

“However, we move into the election season with concerns about the well-being of our national body politic,” it added, spelling out some reasons for the unease.

“Democratic systems are used to perpetuate systemic racism and silence the voices of the marginalized, particularly poor people and people of color. Our democratic processes have been corrupted at every level: through voter suppression and intimidation; outsized financial contributions from anonymous donors and corporate interests; gerrymandering; and foreign actors hijacking public discourse in bad faith.”

“Catholic, other religious groups endorse ‘Faithful Democracy’ statement”, Crux, November 5, 2019

“His rhetoric is dangerously and profoundly anti-democratic... It’s the kind of language you might expect from a dictator, not from the supposed leader of the free world. His job should be to unite Americans and foster stability. Instead, Trump’s comments increase the risk of political violence — which is shockingly irresponsible from the president of the United States.”
- Rosa Brooks, Georgetown Law Professor

“Some Republicans Criticize Trump for Failing to Denounce White Supremacy”, New York Times, Oct. 7, 2020

“The problem is if Philly has good turnout, that will bury [President Trump],” said Robin Kolodny, chair of the political science department at Temple University in Philadelphia. To prevent that the Trump campaign has filed lawsuits to prohibit the use of drop boxes and otherwise restrict the use of mail voting, which Democrats are expected to do in higher numbers than Republicans. The president has also sought to discredit the City of Brotherly Love as a “horror show” of election fraud whose ballots should not be trusted. “Bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things,” Mr Trump declared during last week’s first presidential debate, claiming — without evidence — that Democrats were planning to steal the election for their nominee Joe Biden by manipulating mail ballots. The president has urged his supporters to enter polling places to check for fraud, provoking tense showdowns at some election offices during the first days of early voting and prompting Philadelphia’s mayor to draw up security plans.”

“Voter suppression: can Donald Trump stifle turnout in Philadelphia?”, Financial Times, October 10, 2020